Created by the fascination and love of Berlin. The hotel OTTO has a moving past, present and future. The passion and vitality are tangible and also reflected in the design of the house.

The story begins in 1936 when the Summer Olympics determined the then 15 year old Otto to come to Berlin. He took his bike and drove from Karlsruhe to the exciting metropolis. He kept faithfully returning to Berlin as a young soldier, during the years of the “Wirtschaftswunder” and up until his old age. His fascination was passed on to the next generation. Alexander, his youngest son and his wife Rita got to know and love the city through him. After Otto’s passing they pursued the idea of operating a privately owned hotel, so they acquired the old hotel Westerland.

This is how the hotel OTTO came to life, a place where “strangers become guests”, a place in the middle of the big and lively city to come by, stay a while and return over and over again. Our philosophy is simple: genuine and honest hospitality, focused on people with all their individual wishes and needs.


Rita Müller, Hotel Otto Berlin

Rita Müller


Mihai Cucu, Hotel Otto Berlin

Mihai Cucu

Manaqing Director

Helen Berker, Hotel Otto Berlin

Helen Berker

Front Office Manager

Björn Fleschmann, Hotel Otto Berlin

Björn Fleschmann

Front Office & Reservation

Sabrina Noack, Hotel Otto Berlin

Sabrina Noack

Front Office & Reservation

Christiane-Siebert, Freizeichen, Hotel Otto Berlin

Christiane Siebert

Executive Housekeeper

Thomas Frohberg, Freizeichen, Hotel Otto Berlin

Thomas Frohberg

In-House Technician

Loana El Sayed-Ahmad, Freizeichen, Hotel Otto Berlin

Loana El Sayed-Ahmad

Executive Housekeeper

Barbara Rother, Freizeichen, Hotel Otto Berlin

Barbara Rother


Sevim Zorlu, Freizeichen, Hotel Otto Berlin

Sevim Zorlu


Ioana Coman, Zimmermädchen, Hotel Otto Berlin

Ioana Coman

Head of the service


Hotel OTTO is a place where “strangers become guests”. For this we need wonderful people to help us bring Hotel OTTO into the future. Are you ready for a new challenge? Apply now!

There are no job openings at the moment.